What to Expect: Day of Procedure

The Day of Your Procedure

Patients who undergo general anesthesia, spinal, regional, or sedation are not permitted to leave the facility alone. That’s why ALL patients must be accompanied by a responsible adult the day of surgery. This person should plan on staying during the procedure. If it is necessary for them to leave, they must leave a cell number and they MUST be present when your procedure is completed. This person will assist you with your discharge activities, review your discharge instructions, drive you home, and should stay with you for the first 24 hours after your procedure.

Please shower the morning of your procedure. Remove all makeup. Do not use hairspray, lotions, oils, or perfume the day of your procedure.

Leave all valuables, large sums of money, and jewelry (including watches and body piercings) at home. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing, including easy-to-button shirts that are big enough to be comfortable after your procedure. Wear comfortable shoes. No high heels please.

In order to provide you with the best possible care, we need a complete and current list of the dosage and strength of all medications, vitamins, or herbs you are taking at home. Please fully complete the pre-admission form or bring all medication bottles with you the day of your procedure.

Limit the number of people who are with you. We suggest that adult patients are accompanied by just one other person, as outlined above.

Don’t forget to have all insurance cards with you, regardless of the type of procedure you are having.

Legally impaired individuals must be accompanied by their legal guardian, along with proof of guardianship or their power of attorney. Legal guardians and power of attorneys need to sign the Consent to Treatment form.

Children Under 18

A parent or legal guardian needs to accompany any patient under the age of 18 and sign the Consent to Treatment form.

To help make small children feel as comfortable as possible, feel free to bring a security blanket, stuffed animal, or pacifier, as well as a bottle of juice or water for young toddlers for the recovery phase.

Both parents are welcomed and encouraged to be with their children. Parents will be reunited with their children as quickly as possible following surgery. When children are discharged, we encourage two adults be present: one to drive and one to attend to the child.


“I was very pleased with my experience at your facility. Everyone was kind, efficient and knowledgeable. The office staff brought my daughter a pillow, a blanket, and hot chocolate. We were both surprised and appreciative! Thank you for making a very scary procedure into a warm relaxing time.”