What to Expect: Before Your Procedure

Before Your Procedure

You will need to call 48 hours prior to your procedure to confirm the date, time and other details of your surgery unless previously contacted by the Center. Please call the Education Nurse at 260-497-5540 between 10:00am and 5:00pm Tuesday-Friday.

If your physician has ordered any pre-surgical testing, please inform the Education Nurse where you are planning to have the tests performed. Notify your surgeon if you develop a cold, fever, or respiratory problems prior to your procedure.

DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure for a morning surgery, including water, mints, chewing gum, and vitamins. For an afternoon procedure, the Center can provide specific instructions when you call. Having an empty stomach is extremely important for your safety. You are strongly encouraged to refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol within 24 hours of your procedure as well. This will reduce your risk of respiratory and anesthesia complications after your operation. If you do not follow these instructions, it may become necessary to reschedule your procedure.

Please do not take medications after midnight the night before your procedure unless otherwise instructed by your physician. If you are diabetic, on blood pressure medications, seizure medications, heart medicines, or acid reflux medications, please obtain specific instructions from your physician.

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, don’t forget to bring a case for their safekeeping. We will provide containers for removable dentures or bridgework.

General, Anesthetic, Spinal, Regional, or Sedation Patients

Please arrive 90 minutes prior to your scheduled surgery time.

After registration, you will be escorted to the preoperative area where you will be prepared for surgery. One guest may be with you until you go into the operating room. Both your physician and your anesthesiologist will meet with you prior to your procedure.


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